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Aiken, South Carolina, Equestrian Safety Surfacing

Playgrounds are spaces where children will run and play without properly minding their safety. In fact, this is everywhere, but having them in a place that allows them to do so will require some safety measures. At USA Equestrian Safety Surfacing Pros, we provide our support with the main one: safety surfacing for your flooring and its comfort. Our role in Aiken, South Carolina, is to help you install a material and layer that will reduce harm and hazards in the space thanks to the shock absorption properties and heat resistance, among other properties.

Safety surfacing is all about what the name implies, and for playgrounds or particular places in school and high foot traffic areas, it is all about guaranteeing comfort and good space with fewer risks.

But how much do safety surfacing services help? Quite a lot. Depending on the space you own, your requirements, and your needs, it is possible to choose a surface that adapts to them and brings all the support needed. For instance, you can have EPDM rubber in playgrounds as it is easy to maintain, quite durable, and will offer extra impact absorption for falls and similar accidents.

On the other hand, patios and green areas will perform better with synthetic turf or grass instead of natural ones. In contrast, horse stables and practice areas for equestrians will benefit from the right arena for better footing.

We work with you on considering all options and determining what’s better for your needs and that still fits your budget. After all, we understand there are some limitations, and unlike other companies, we do our best to adapt to all factors and find the most functional and favorable options.

Feel free to call or email us for more details and have insight into the safety surfacing options available.

Is It Expensive Installing Safety Surfacing?

Overall, it isn’t. It depends on the type of surface you choose and the square footage that must be covered. Moreover, high-quality materials highly influence quality. Therefore, you don’0t want to work with companies that do not provide proper ones. Otherwise, you will spend more time and resources on maintenance and regular replacement in the short and long run.

Options such as poured-in-place rubber can cost about $10 to $15 per square foot. But options such as horse arena can range from $2 to $10. There is a massive range in all types of safety surfacing, and what needs to be done is proper assessment and determining what works better for you and your budget.

Therefore, whenever you rely on us and decide to take this step, make sure to let us know about any requirements and needs. Then, we will proceed to introduce you to all elements and go over prices, pros, and cons accordingly.

Our team will usually consider those factors:

  • Maintenance can be provided.
  • Your needs and level of impact absorption and comfort are required.
  • The specific space or place for the surface.
  • Your preferences in design and material.