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Safety Surfacing Services, Equestrian Safety Surfacing

Having a playground, garden, gym, and any space where people can easily get into accidents or require some extra support for their activities will require some attention in how you design them. Playgrounds are particularly tough to maintain and ensure children can play without worries about serious harm. That being said, what’s the solution here? First, you will definitely want to start with installing a safety surface for all users and individuals. At Equestrian Safety Surfacing, our professionals offer a wide range of types of surfaces. Hence, you can come to us and request our safety surfacing services to have access to the most suitable one for your area or space.

Aren’t safety surfaces the same as regular ones? Not at all. While they will vary in effectiveness and the type of support they offer, all safety surfacing options provide more shock-absorption protective layers, wear resistance, and more control over accidents and how hurt children and people get overall.

The way these surfaces offer such quality results and support is thanks to the impact-absorbing materials they are made of. Moreover, they have extra weather resistance and can perform well in outdoor spaces. Some of them are mainly designed for indoor areas, but with proper installation and a good pick, while considering the different types and variations of each type, some can work quite well in both areas.

Now, what is so difficult about installing safety surfacing? What about choosing one of the many types in the market? It is all about budget, maintenance, the safety it provides, and its flexibility. In essence, you should find and choose a type that meets your requirements and allows you to provide children or any other users of the space comfort and protection for their activities and regular use.

What Type of Safety Surfaces Do We Install?

Unlike other companies in the area, we cover multiple options so that schools, playgrounds, indoor spaces, gardens, patios, and more can be treated and properly addressed with the most suitable surface for the place. While the task is often related to how we need to get the installation done only, we go above all these standards.

In other words, our professionals will help you by assessing your space, listing your needs and requirements, and budgeting. Then, work with you in selecting the best type of safety surfacing based on them and your preferences in style and maintenance you can provide.

Among the options we have available, we include:

  • Poured-in-place rubber. It is one of the most popular options due to its low maintenance and thickness. You can use it for playgrounds for children of all ages and get the aesthetics thanks to the diversity in shapes and colors.
  • Synthetic turf. Preferred when high foot traffic is in place or when certain activities are performed in the area. Sports, running, owning pets, and more. It provides better great and impact-absorption thanks to the design of each part of the turf.
  • Bonded rubber. It is a unitary surface that is known for its affordability, durability, and how it works outdoors and indoors.

While those are the main options available in our company, we handle over ten different safety surfacing services, which expand the options for the type of material and surface you can use. Feel free to contact us and inquire about all the support we provide and how we can work with the different options around your needs and the aesthetics you are looking for in your space, in addition to safety.

How Much Do Our Safety Surfacing Services Cover?

You can place a specific and customized request in case you are looking for support around the idea and surface you want. However, whenever you want help with your playground, horse stall, and more, our team at Equestrian Safety Surfacing is for all your needs.

We aim our services mostly to the space where you need our help. Hence, you can come to us and expect a clean and needed option that is based on the property and area you have. Some of the services we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Horse arena footing.
  • School safety surfacing.
  • Equestrian rubber.
  • Churches safety surfacing.
  • Poolside safety surfacing.
  • Rubber mulch.
  • And much more.

Unlike other companies, we are open to the option of reaching out and requesting a free consultation and estimate from our professionals so that you know whether we offer services and rates that adapt to your needs and what you can invest and afford in this process.