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Residential Safety Surfacing, Equestrian Safety Surfacing

Residential safety surfacing approaches a certain level of aesthetics and safety all at once. Unlike playgrounds, schools, or specific areas where a high level of shock absorption is needed, you get to experiment a bit more in your home or property. Therefore, the questions you will ask yourself are more directed to the type of space you have, how you wish to work with this, and the levels of shock absorption and aesthetics you want. At Equestrian Safety Surfacing, we help you address all those elements and ensure you get the perfect support and safety surface for any residential property.

Our goal is to consider factors such as your budget, the specific residential area we are helping you with, any particular needs and requests you have, your preferences in materials and designs, and how much comfort and safety you are looking for.

In our company, we often recommend not going too overboard with spaces such as your patio, garden, and other green areas. These can often be covered with synthetic turf and grass only, allowing you to provide more support and grip without forgetting about safety and all elements that compromise the best results.

Moreover, grass and turf are easily maintained as long as they are not natural options, which means you get more benefits besides the support and safety they provide: reduced costs in water bills, a stunning surface all year round, get more comfort, a more natural and interactive element for your pets and children.

In case of having other spaces in your residential properties, we will address and assess them accordingly. Then work with you on determining the best safety surfacing and work on design, planning, and proper installation for a unique result.

What Are the Options for Residential Safety Surfacing?

You can opt for all options in safety surfacing.

After all, there isn’t really a limit on what you can do or not for your residential space. In the end, it tends to be more about preferences and what your space requires. Considering most rubber surfaces and flooring can also be adapted and customized, aesthetics aren’t usually an issue in all this.

So, when it comes to listing the options, bonded rubber mulch, synthetic grass or turf, bonded rubber, and poured-in-place rubber are all available. as long as you allow us to assess your space or give us the details of what you are looking for and need, we will be able to provide you with an accurate solution and recommendation for your residential safety surfacing.

Furthermore, our company is here to make sure you get the most out of your time and investment. Hence, even when you have a specific request or want us to work around your needs for design and other requirements, we can comply with this.

Now, you have to realize that residential safety surfacing entails a lot. You can have horse stalls or equestrian areas, while some playgrounds and pools can be installed and in place as well. Consequently, you need more than a generic and random safety surface. You will need multiple ones to fulfill all requirements and work on how to keep your family members safe.

In case of having residential buildings or other properties, we can work around them and help you with the entire installation and even planning beforehand. Thanks to this, you can finally get all outdoors and even indoors covered with safe and durable flooring that will provide the conditions you expect for multiple activities.

Some of the other options you can consider include:

  • EPDM rubber.
  • Bonded rubber.
  • Rubber mulch.
  • And more.

Accessing Our Residential Safety Surfacing Services

Our company Equestrian Safety Surfacing offers services throughout the entire country. Texas, Florida, Alabama, and Tennessee are only a few of the states our professionals cover and can help you with all your residential safety surfacing needs.

Therefore, you will need to reach out either by phone, email, or using our contact form. While doing so, let us know from what city and state you are reaching out so that we can assign the right professionals and get you the details for the service you are requesting.

We will do our best to work around your needs and focus on how we can cover your residential projects regardless of their size and the specific material and type of safety surfacing you want to use.

Feel free to schedule a free consultation and quote with our team as well so that you get all the details.