Arena Rubber Footing Safety Surfacing, Equestrian Safety Surfacing

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Arena Rubber Footing Safety Surfacing, Equestrian Safety Surfacing

Preparing your arena rubber footing safety surfacing will be key to preventing any accidents, ensuring your horses’ joints aren’t over-stressed, and protecting all riders during their activities and enjoyment. Consequently, it isn’t really an aspect to ignore or minimize during your preparations as long as you truly care about everyone’s comfort and safety, starting with your horses and all animals in the space. At Equestrian Safety Surfacing, we help you get the perfect arena base for shock absorption and rebound capabilities. You will learn about the different rubber options and how they can benefit you and your horses in different aspects.

First, are you completely aware of how riding arena surfaces play an important role in the rider’s performance? More importantly, you need to carefully consider it so that your horses aren’t hurt in the process, and even when it isn’t for arena and riding purposes, you want to provide them with a comfortable surface to walk and run freely in the perimeter.

Second, the surface shouldn’t only be based on how comfortable it is but also on its cleaning and overall performance. You want arena rubber footing that is easy to clean and maintain and doesn’t add more expenses to your finances.

Finally, arena rubber footing safety surfacing comes in multiple options. While it may seem the opposite, you need to worry about the different levels of quality, products, and brands you can use. Otherwise, you will have issues working with the perfect surface and how it brings all the results you are looking for.

Our role as a reliable and competitive business is to provide all proper results and guidance in getting the most suitable arena rubber footing, prepare it, and apply it so that your horses and riders are safe and in the best conditions in the space.

What Is Exactly Good About Arena Rubber Footing?

Overall, arena footing is designed with products that are mixed in the specific sand and create a better footing experience for the horses to minimize concussions and any injuries.

However, the rubber option offers more shock absorption properties and performs better not only for the horses but also riders.

Standard sand, such as silica sand, allows you to work around comfort for their usual activities and how horses can be completely safe. Nevertheless, falls and any other injuries over the years can be serious and create issues for the riders and even the horses.

The mix of sand and specific arena types with rubber allows to boost all pros of using the safety surface:

  • Minimize more concussions.
  • Work on better absorbing shock and impact properties.
  • Provide more support for horses and riders.
  • Return energy back to the horse during the performance.
  • Riders can fall onto the surface a bit safer and prevent serious injuries thanks to the support provided.
  • You can adapt how deep the arena rubber footing is and bring extra riding support and comfort to the horse.

Our company has been working with this material for over 15 years, and while we work with general safety surfacing, equestrian and arena footing are our main services throughout the country. Therefore, you can count on us to determine what is the best option for your space and work around all the elements that will guarantee a neat result for your space while bringing support and aesthetics in good balance.

We can provide a free consultation to address all your questions and review products related to arena rubber footing so that you get the entire idea of the footing additive and extra components.

How Much Can You Spend on Arena Rubber Footing Safety Surfacing?

One of the benefits of considering arena rubber footing is the price. Overall, rubber isn’t really expensive, and you can expect to install it for quite an affordable price considering the square footage you need to cover with it. While other spaces will be reduced, horse stalls and arenas involve quite a square foot.

On average, prices vary from $0.60 to $6.20 per square foot. As a result, you can work around your budget, and while the cheapest options aren’t really the recommended ones, you will be able to find more quality for about $2 per square foot.

At Equestrian Safety Surfacing, we help you address all these elements and work around the most beneficial arena rubber footing safety surfacing for your horses, ponies, and all riders.

Feel free to schedule a consultation and free estimate with us today.