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Horse Stall Safety Surfacing, Equestrian Safety Surfacing

Building a safe horse stall requires several considerations. Your stall doorways should be of a specific size and width, while the passages and the entire space should allow for more comfort and a specific way to move your horses from one place to another. Then, your flooring and surfaces. You truly need to worry about their footing and how a clean and even floor can allow them to suffer fewer injuries and even save you costs in maintenance. At Equestrian Safety Surfacing, we help you through the entire selection of your horse stall safety surfacing to ensure all details are covered. You can have your ponies, horses, and all animals in the best conditions.

Where do we start to make this possible? First, assessment and consultation are mandatory since we need to understand your requirements and the style you are looking for. While safety is the key here, we are aware some owners would like to maintain aesthetical appeal in mind, and we comply with this.

Second, let us know any considerations or factors we should keep in mind, such as:

  • A budget for the project or any preferences in the materials.
  • Do you have horses with any special conditions and requirements?
  • What about more equipment and elements in your horse stalls that could be difficult to transport due to the surface?

Finally, allow us to guide you in the multiple materials but also presentations of each option so that you can get the most out of your time and investment while guaranteeing 100% safety for your horses and everyone using the stalls.

What Are the Best Options for Horse Stall Safety Surfacing?

In over 77% of the cases, rubber is the favorite for horse stalls due to its resistance, durability, easy-to-clean, maintenance, and safety.

Whenever horses lie down or fall or have certain requirements, the rubber will be soft enough, provide great comfort, and keep them in a good environment as it doesn’t heat and can be easily cleaned.

However, what type of rubber is appropriate for the stall? Since the material comes in multiple options and types, choosing the specific rubber and how you will use it will take more time than you think.

Horse stable mats are quite popular and mostly made of rubber. They are easy to clean as well, and you can prevent any slips and risks of falls and serious injuries.

It offers the same benefits as most safety surfaces with the absorbing impact benefits and how it prevents tendons and joints from stressing.

With multiple products and brands available, it is possible to offer a good mat that will fit the space and allow your horses to enjoy their naps and easily walk without extra difficulties. However, you may not always like it.

Therefore, rubber mulch or using specific sand and fibers will be good options. However, keep in mind that sand and some equestrian rubber presentations are mostly for high-traffic activities such as jumping more than the horse stalls.

What you are looking for is the horses’ comfort and safety. Hence, focus on those elements above all so that you can find a suitable product with our team’s support.

Our company can work with you on all types of rubber, sand, mixed components, and more. But in case you want to approach your horse stalls with hardwood and similar surfaces, we can make it possible and work on how we can allow for more safety regardless of the material being used.

Feel free to inquire about the possibilities and work with our team around a fair and safe horse stall safety surface.

How Do We Perform Horse Stall Safety Surfacing?

We need to consider your space and create a plan. While some professionals will love to start working as soon as you call them, we know that over 50% of the project will depend on proper planning so that the installation isn’t compromised.

Therefore, contact us to have access to a clear assessment and estimate, and work with our professionals on the design and how to prep work will take place. Then focus on the installation and how the rubber mats, sand, or any specific safety surfacing you have chosen is applied for your horse stalls.

We work with all estimates, and you can come to request a custom service in case you want and need to get the most out of everything and place for a specific material or surface you have wanted from the market.