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Bonded Rubber, Equestrian Safety Surfacing

The natural appearance of Wood mulch is quite in demand by people who are trying to design their playgrounds, parks, and some outdoor spaces. However, wood mulch is known for how its pieces loosen with time, and they can easily get inside people’s eyes, while maintenance is quite challenging to get. As a result, it isn’t truly affordable, and you can end up regretting the design in the end. Bonded rubber is a good alternative, even better than wood mulch, due to its safety and impact absorption properties in addition to the aesthetics and style it offers to all users.

At Equestrian Safety Surfacing, we have been working with it for over 15 years. While other people will be fixed in recommend bonded rubber mulch, we consider bonded rubber alone as the affordable, durable, and long-lasting option for all spaces.

Of course, like every other element and safety surfacing option in specific, you will notice it has its pros and cons. However, which ones affect or benefit you more? In most cases, people find bonded rubber more beneficial due to its quality and how you can work with it while having a decent budget. Moreover, its look is beyond the simple idea of wood mulch.

Our role as professionals is to make sure you understand all pros and cons and can work around a well-informed decision. Then feel free to get the most suitable alternative and ensure you don’t have to worry about maintenance or extra expenses later on.

But before we can go in-depth with the concept and option, do you know what bonded rubber is in specific? Besides being a safety surfacing option, you get to work with a surface that is made of binding agents and troweled smoothly by hand.

How Does Bonded Rubber Look In Specific?

Since it is a shredded rubber surface consisting of many pieces, you will notice the actual wood mulch design and style with some variations in it. However, the essence of the design is the same, and you can expect to notice the difference when you observe it closely and see how different each other performs.

However, compared to other rubber surfaces, it doesn’t have massive variations in how and why it can be used. You will notice that the application allows for a seamless surface while still being quite durable and providing all the necessary support and impact absorption in place.

As long as high-quality products and materials are used and the installation properly handled, it should be a surface that performs for years with little maintenance. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about aesthetics or how it deteriorates with time or not.

In terms of safety, bonded rubber offers one of the best options due to how the surface’s texture aids in slip-resistance, prevents harmful elements from blending with the surface, and you won’t have to worry about particles or pieces getting in children’s eyes.

Of course, there is often a misconception of how things should be done and why bonded rubber is better than others. In essence, we do consider it tends to be preference and budget since options such as bonded rubber mulch aren’t particularly bad and can even be considered better.

However, for being a unitary surface and its price, cleanliness, safety, maintenance, and all durability will be outstanding with bonded rubber as long as it is properly installed and high-quality materials have been used during the process.

Allow us to guide you through this project so that you get the most out of your investment.

Can You Afford Bonded Rubber?

Since we have been mentioning its price and affordability for a while, it is normal to expect it to be affordable and an option you can opt for without being scared. Therefore, this isn’t an element to particularly worry about. Instead, you can think about safety and other factors. Then, consider aesthetics and whether the investment will be worth it based on your needs, nothing else.

At Equestrian Safety Surfacing, we can offer you a free consultation and estimates for your projects so that you get the entire idea of how much this will cost, what you are getting, and why it is actually worth it.

Feel free to schedule one with us today and from any place in the country. We have been here to address all questions, and unlike other companies, we don’t mind clearing doubts and providing our support while you take your time in making a decision.