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Poolside Safety Surfacing, Equestrian Safety Surfacing

Designing your pool is always fun, but people tend to forget about how easily things can get dangerous when proper safety measures aren’t put into action. Therefore, when you are working on your deck or trying to make things better for your pool, focus on how the right poolside safety surfacing will bring a big change for your children and everyone to enjoy the outdoor feature. At Equestrian Safety Surfacing, we can guide you in determining the most suitable surface and work with you on the design, planning, and installation.

Unlike popular belief, safety surfacing for this part of your property or general feature isn’t the same as playgrounds or schools. You need to work around more materials, such as poured concrete, and make sure standards are met around the specific design and support they offer.

Besides aesthetics, you will need to think about impact absorption, slip prevention, heat resistance, durability, longevity, and how it will perform over the years. Then, focus on finding balance with your budget and how the entire process can work for your space.

In case you have doubts and trying to determine what’s the best option out of the over ten surfaces you can use for your poolside, we will start here. Unlike other companies, our safety surfacing installers worry about getting you the most out of your investment and work with you in proper installations and decisions and ensure you don’t regret your choice.

Allow us to consider factors such as aesthetics, longevity, comfort, durability, design, and budget. Then, we will bring the recommendations, which will still be based on the type of surface you are looking for and considering how your poolside looks.

In case you allow us to perform a free assessment, this will return the effort 100 times more.

What Poolside Safety Surfacing Options Can You Opt for?

There is a fine line in using materials such as rubber in this space since it isn’t really made for it.

Instead, you need to focus on how to get materials that will prevent slipping more than reduce injuries or absorb the impact.

Among the options available, poured concrete is the most popular one due to its price, durability, and easy maintenance. Moreover, you can shape it in different ways and based on your preferences, which leads to having a more doable option for your poolside.

On average, you can pay about $5 per square foot, and this includes professionals’ assistance and the entire square footage inclusion in all this. However, you need to consider that some resurfacing may need to be done to get the most out of your concrete. Otherwise, moisture and mildew may build up, and slippery surfacing will be in place.

Bricks are one of the expensive alternatives, but they are quite safe and aesthetically pleasing in appearance as long as they are properly installed. They will help to prevent falls and slippery surfaces so that you get a safe result in general.

Then, you have wood, which, as crazy as it sounds, can be quite durable and anti-slippery when you choose the right type of exterior wood, like redwood or cedar. The issue? This can be quite pricy depending on the product chosen and how you will need to provide some sealing and extra maintenance.

Finally, you still have options such as stone tiles, surface coating your concrete, and more options in tiles. What you need to focus on is the specific properties and benefits and whether they will prevent issues around falls, tripping, and water absorption.

Feel free to inquire about them with our team before making a choice.

Is It Worth Hiring Professionals for Poolside Safety Surfacing?

Absolutely. Even when you have high-.quality materials and the equipment needed, experience, and expertise really matter in this project.

Most DIY projects have come with some issues, and we have ended up fixing them due to poor quality, how the materials didn’t last even a year, or how the surface isn’t as safe as it was supposed to be.

At Equestrian Safety Surfacing, we get you the most out of your time and investment and focus on considering safety and even aesthetics equally important so that we find balance and get you the most out of your project.

Feel free to call or email us for more information and even get a free consultation and estimate for the project. Our poolside safety surfacing installers are available all year round to ensure safety and provide the cleanest and most stunning result.